Employment Discovery

We help you find the right role through capacity-building activities in the school-to-work transitional years. With our guidance, we can help you create a vocational profile and excel in all aspects of preparing for and applying for jobs.

We work with NDIS participants to discover their skills, talents and interests so that they can explore employment opportunities suited to their needs and strengths. We support people to get ready to apply for jobs and engage in work experience, volunteering and skill development to increase their job readiness. We can explore self-employment opportunities through micro-enterprises.

Who do we support?

We work alongside people of all ages living with a disability or those with mental health difficulties who have a NDIS Plan and employment goals, including:

  • Students with school-to-work transition goals
  • People linked with a job agency who require additional support
  • People who already have a job and require on-the-job support
  • People with significant disabilities seeking employment opportunities

Pathway to Success

Easy steps to employment:

  • We meet and find out all about you
  • You get support to discover your skills, talents and interests
  • You take part in job research and prepare to be work ready
  • You explore your community with your Mentor
  • You are supported in completing informational interviews
  • You take part in work experience and skill development
  • You create and develop a vocational profile
  • We all reflect on how far you’ve come and take the next steps to help you in your career journey

Kick start your employment journey

We work with people who are funded for School Leaver Employment Support, Finding and Keeping a Job, Specialised Employment Support or anyone who has employment goals in their NDIS plan.

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