When we first embarked on our exhilarating journey with Glenn, he sought ways to kickstart his self-confidence. Glenn was ready to build upon several existing skills but was looking for support to get started. Through the unwavering support of Glenn’s mentors and by developing quick rapport, Glenn has transformed into a bingo-calling powerhouse, ready to dazzle and amaze!  

Glenn was initially shy and reserved with his mentors, and it took him a few months to engage in conversation and build trust. However, it quickly became clear that he was passionate about public speaking – he had just never been allowed to “get into character” and express himself. But rather than diving straight into public speaking, Glenn decided to explore community options. While getting to know his mentors, Glenn mentioned he had always wanted to join a bingo group to start his public speaking journey.  

Two men sitting at a table. One man is holding up a whiteboard with a number.

After a few sessions at his local bingo group, it was evident that Glenn had found a great group of people to help him on his journey towards engaging in public speaking. Fast forward a few short months, and Glenn transformed into a bingo maestro, commanding the room with his charismatic calls.  

 “…Glenn’s role as the bingo maestro isn’t just about calling numbers; it’s a testament to the power of self-confidence. As we watched Glenn bask in the applause, soaking up the positive energy, it was clear that his newfound identity enriches his engagement with everyone around him. This is what it’s all about – celebrating the small steps that lead to monumental triumphs and embracing the new roles that empower us to shine.” – Glenn’s Mentor 

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