We’re sharing some bittersweet news today – Paul Fleay, our visionary leader who has spearheaded the Australian Inclusion Group’s remarkable journey for the past 14 years, is stepping down from his role as CEO. While his departure leaves big shoes to fill, it also opens a thrilling new chapter filled with the promise of fresh perspectives and opportunities for AIG.

Paul’s leadership at the Australian Inclusion Group has been nothing short of transformative. When joining, the organisation was a relatively small business, called the Recreation & Sport Network and had just 14 full time employees. Since then, the business has grown to a Group of four companies with more than 150 staff. From pioneering innovative community engagement initiatives to fostering an amazing culture within the organisation, Paul has been the driving force behind many of the Australian Inclusion Group’s most significant successes.

“Paul’s dedication and unwavering commitment to our mission have been inspiring,” remarked Gemma Nugent, the Board Chair. “His leadership has allowed the Group to reach new heights, and we are deeply grateful for his extraordinary contributions.”

During his time AIG has supported thousands of people with a disability to connect to their community; to reduce reliance on paid support and to become more independent. He has established, and helped to grow, other arms of the organisation and have worked with sports, clubs and groups around the country to assist them in developing their inclusive practices, to become more welcoming.

“I have passionately believed in the work we are focused on – and have continually made decisions based on out mission and values – and I hope the community is a little better because I passed through this wonderful organisation.” Paul said.

However, Paul Fleay’s departure does not signal an end to AIG’s impressive trajectory. Instead, it ushers in a moment of anticipation and excitement as the Inclusion Group begins its search for a new CEO. The Board is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and is excited about finding a leader who will build upon the solid foundation Paul has established.

“We have a remarkable team and a strong mission,” said Gemma Nugent . “This transition provides us with a unique opportunity to bring in fresh perspectives, new ideas, and a leader who can take us to even greater heights. We are confident that our next CEO will continue to drive the Australian Inclusion Group’s mission forward.”

Paul Fleay’s departure may leave a void, but it also leaves a trail of accomplishment and a legacy that will continue to inspire. As the Australian Inclusion Group sets its sights on a bright future, the entire community, staff, and stakeholders eagerly await the arrival of a new leader who will build upon the strong foundation laid by Paul, ensuring that the organisation continues to be a beacon of inclusion, progress, and positive change.

“I’ve had my vision for what the organisation should look like in the future but it is now time for a new vision, from a new leader to take the Group into a new era.” Said Paul.

The new role is being advertised, you can find this here on Seek, and the Board hopes to have a new CEO in place by the start of 2024. With Jess Kain in the acting CEO role in the meantime.

We wish Paul all the best in his new role and thank him for his amazing work over the past 14 years.