We thank all clients and members of their support networks for completing this year’s survey. Together, we can ensure our services continue to best meet the needs of our clients.

Below are key results and client feedback from survey participants.

Survey Results

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Client Feedback

What is working well?

The majority of clients were happy with the services received from Inclusion WA. Below are some of the key areas of success for the organisation.

Matched Mentors to Clients
Clients felt that Mentors were well-matched with aligned interests that supported them in achieving their goals. This allowed clients to feel comfortable from the beginning and helped foster good relationships through a shared understanding.

Enabled to make their own choices
Clients felt enabled to have control and choice both with their annual budgets and their Mentors. Through this enabling support environment, clients felt comfortable voicing what they were pleased with and what they were unhappy with to ensure services were adapted to suit their needs.

Flexible, goal-orientated delivery
Overwhelmingly, clients stated that the services they received from Inclusion WA were flexible, and adapted to best support their evolving goals and needs.

What could we do better?

Constructive feedback was received, with key recurring themes outlined below.

Collaboration and communication
Clients expressed a desire for greater communication and consistency, particularly when Mentors transitioned either through going on extended leave or exiting the organisation. The need for an improved handover to ensure service interruptions were minimised was mentioned. This was partly magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, is an area of focus for Inclusion WA to ensure all clients remain informed during Mentor changes.

Additional Mentors with greater flexibility
Some clients noted that there was a need for extra Mentors to support increased service delivery requests, as well as a desire for even greater flexibility. Ensuring we hire Mentors with broad flexibility enables us to best support our clients to ensure their needs and goals are met.

Improved Employment Services
Clients mentioned their desire for improved employment services and felt the process of Inclusion WA supporting them to find a job was taking too long. They thought that the organisation needed to focus more broadly on this service and how to best support client needs.

Have feedback?

We always welcome feedback at any time to ensure we deliver the highest quality services and address areas of concern promptly.

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