Individualised Services

Individualised Services

The focus of our Individualised Services is to support people who are socially isolated and assist them to build meaningful relationships. We work with people on a one to one basis to find valued roles in their community and help them manage their supports.

We provide opportunities and guidance for people to become valued community members through their involvement in leisure, recreation, sport, education, volunteering and employment. We also assist people to develop skills they need to live independently in their own home.

Our Coordinators work in partnership with you and the people in your life who know you best to plan for the things you need to achieve a more fulfilling life. It’s your life and you have the right to live it in a way that makes sense to you.

Our Individualised Services are predominantly delivered within the Perth Metro area. Inclusion WA is a registered NDIS provider. More information about our registration and prices can be found here.

If you have any queries about our Individualised Services feel free to contact Inclusion WA staff on (08) 9201 8900 or email