We first met Connor over five years ago. He has always lived an active life. He regularly goes to the gym, takes boxing classes, and takes part in ‘No Lights No Lycra’ classes. He wasn’t afraid to try new things, in fact, he suggests them. Inclusion WA’s role in his life was to provide consistent and empowering support. Connor has always been on track and he has always known what he wanted to do.

Going to the gym was always a big part of the support we provided Connor. He loves going to the gym because he not only gets to exercise but he also gets to socialise with other members. He has become a big part of the community there. Every time he goes, Connor greets and gets greeted by a multitude of people, and with support, Connor has been able to further develop his confidence with his social skills. After the gym, Connor usually loves going to the local café near the area with his Mentor. Connor loves this because he is able to have meaningful conversations with the staff. The café knows Connor as a regular and they love having him there.

One of the areas that Connor continuously works with his Mentor on is his conversation skills. He often practices with his Mentor so that he can keep building his confidence and continue to keep improving his conversation skills. They practice asking questions, learning how to listen and understand what it looks like to take an interest in the person you’re talking to.

Connor has also been working on his independent living skills. He has started to learn how to put his socks and shoes on independently. He has also learned how to host a BBQ at his local park for his whole family.

Connor also has a keen interest in music. He knows just about every song on the radio. Connor, with his Mentor, attends ‘No Lights No Lycra’ classes. The class is a one-hour dance group where Connor gets to listen to all the new songs and dance his heart out in the dark. Connor also takes part in Catch Music weekly, with two other Mentors. Catch Music regularly puts on concerts out in the community, and with support, Connor’s confidence in performing on stage has immensely increased.

We have continued to empower and support Connor to pursue his interests and become part of his chosen community. He continues to pursue his own interests and choose when and how he takes part in the community.

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