We have collated a range of resources that are useful for individuals, groups or families, who want to find out more about social inclusion. 

Resource Name Category Date Type  
All Abilities Play Space

Youtube Video 26/4/2016 Video
Behind Closed Doors- Preventing Violence, Neglect and Abuse against West Australians with Disability Reports/Studies 27/8/2015 PDF
CoMHWA - Supports mental health reform & recovery of people with lived experience of mental health issues Website 16/12/2014 Link
Sticks and Stones - The Effects of Labelling

Youtube Video 10/12/2014 Video
Clueless - A Poem about seeing people's gifts and talents

Youtube Video 3/11/2014 Video
20 Years 20 Stories

Youtube Video 20/8/2014 Video
People with Disabilities Western Australia Website 3/7/2014 Link
The Inclusion Club Website 3/7/2014 Link
Inclusion Press Website 3/7/2014 Link