When my girlfriend and I first started at Inclusion WA Meeting place we were just two young lovers looking to make a few friends outside work and have something to do at the weekend.

We found that, we as members, would be responsible for a range of things including being part of the very welcoming group that had attracted us to them in the first place.  We also found that the Friday in and out night and the Sunday out group activities would be up to us.  If we wanted to do something on one of those days and we thought that others would be interested, we were encouraged to raise it with the rest of the group as a part of one organism.

As we have found Inclusion WA has many parts, each part working in its own way to achieve a common goal.  That goal is to provide an identity and a safe entertaining place for people with a disability.  It also provides training in work and social skills to people who might not necessarily have, or can get them anywhere else.  Such things include money handling, social interaction as well as healthy and nutritious eating.  We have benefitted greatly from the input and want for more.

We took a couple of weeks off t take a holiday and came home engaged.  We were warmly accepted as a couple and were embraced in their enthusiasm.

Some of them come to the group to socialise, some to relax and others come along to belong to something which accepts them for who they are, teaches them to be better people and takes them out on day and night trips to different places.

Out-nights and Out-day trips have fewer members attending, but small select groups make for healthier friendships, lots of fun as well as a good distraction for life without the group.

Sometimes my wife and I wonder why we did not look for such a group before and now that we have found it we are both happy.  We understand that the financial constraints the government have put on the group are deep reaching and immediate.  We hope that at its core is a solid foundation that breeds only good things.

It has been very important in the life of my wife and myself and we would like others to benefit similarly in the future.

Written by Mal Wheater