When we first met Kaitlin she was extremely quiet and shy and would only speak to her Community Inclusion Facilitator. One of Kaitlin’s goals was to be able to see her friend Jade independently from her mum and to gain skills to confidently interact with her friend.

When we started all going out together, they were both very quiet and only spoke to their Community Inclusion Facilitator, not to each other, even though they knew one another from their weekly bowling sessions.

After working with Kaitlin on communication skills, she now talks all the way on the journey from her house to pick Jade to go to their gym session. They ask each other about their weekends or where they would like to go for lunch after the gym, just chatting away.

Kaitlin’s confidence grew, and now she is also now volunteering at a farm and doing a great job, getting stuck into every task she is given.

Kaitlin and Jade now attend an exercise class every week at their local recreation centre and the instructor recently commented on how far they had come with their fitness and joining in.

Both girls struggled with everyday social interactions at first, like buying their own lunch or paying for their gym session, but both Kaitlin and Jade do this confidently now. They also help each other, if need be. 

It's really great to see both girls growing in confidence and becoming more independent.