Josh is an 18 year old young man who - like many people - loves his sports, including footy, horse racing and Formula One. Josh is also studying literacy and mathematics at TAFE. One key challenge for Josh was that he struggled getting to and from TAFE without the full assistance of his parents as he didn’t know much about the public transport system.

In February of this year, Josh met his new facilitator and together they were to tackle the challenge of getting to TAFE and back using public transport. In the beginning, Josh was very apprehensive about one day travelling to TAFE by himself. However, in the weeks to come, Josh and his facilitator explored ways to creatively involve Josh's interests on the journey to and from TAFE. This - combined with Josh's amazing ability to remember things in lists - spawned what was to be called “The Travel Checklist”.

This checklist involved creating landmarks for Josh to remember on his journey, i.e.:

·         Red Bull 408 (the bus number he needed to catch, inspired by the Red Bull Racing Team)

·         The Pits (Wellington Street Bus Station, inspired by F1 Racing)

·         The Carlton Building (Heath Ledger Theatre which is in Carlton colours, inspired by Josh's love for Carlton Football Club)

·         The Gold Coast (Central TAFE Northbridge, inspired by Gold Coast Suns jerseys)

Over the coming weeks, Josh was able to remember these landmarks and begin leading his facilitator to TAFE. Eventually, the decision was made that Josh no longer needed to work with his facilitator on public transport to and from TAFE and has now moved on to new challenges with his facilitator.

Josh is still attending TAFE using public transport and is keen to show his grandad the way to TAFE as well as his Inclusion WA coordinator.