Jade has been working at SSEND for almost a year now.

The SSEND production unit is responsible for making visual prompts, schedules, communication books and other resources that are sent all over WA to assist teaching students with disabilities at school. 

Jade is now no longer considered a student who comes to get an idea what a job is and is instead a valued member of the team who produces high quality items for classrooms and students all over the state. 

When we went to take photos of Jade she really just wanted us to get out of there so she could get back to working!

Being part of the team has boosted Jade's confidence and the confidence that her co-workers have in her has allowed Jade to grow her skills and to work both autonomously and in a group setting. Jade can make complex books that involve laminating, binding, velcroing and cutting with only minimal supervision and will ask for specific assistance when she needs it.

Jade's co-workers at SSEND commented that Jade seems a lot more relaxed and confident at work now - Jade even made everyone cups of tea in the morning.

Both Jade and the rest of the SSEND production unit staff should be very proud of how well Jade is now incorporated as part of the team and the ongoing commitment to improvement of Jade’s skills.