Ian B

Ian B

We wanted to share the amazing talents of Ian.

Ian’s personality is huge. He is always positive, smiling, and full of laughter; a regular social butterfly.

Ian has been attending a Men’s Shed for the past few years in the roles of tea maker and joy bringer. Although these were great roles to play in order to bring a bit of fun to the shed, Ian had been hiding some secret talents.

After exploring different projects to work on, Ian really took to painting. He got started by painting a wooden horse one of the other men had made. However, Ian wished to further explore what he could do with a paintbrush, beyond decorating woodwork.

After some thought, a more creative approach was taken and Ian tried painting on traditional canvas. He has completely fallen in love with it!

Ian is now the Shed’s ‘resident artist’. He joins the men for morning tea and then when they get stuck into woodwork, he gets stuck into painting. Ian has produced some truly amazing pieces of art which you can see in the photos!

Ian’s story and talents have been used as an example of inclusion and disability in Men’s Sheds at the recent Annual Men’s Shed Conference. He has become a valued member of the Shed and is now looking to sell and promote his artwork!

If you’re interested in buying some or Ian’s pieces, or could help with promoting him, we’d love to hear from you!