Ian A

Ian A

Ian A

My name is Ian Albert. 

I currently live alone in my own home having lost my mother some years ago and my father last year.  During the last months of my father’s life I spent a lot of my time making sure that he was looked after. 

Since his passing I decided that I wanted to learn some new skills to help me achieve some of the things I had been thinking about for some time.  I wanted to learn how to use a computer and I also wanted to learn how to cook Indian food.

With the help of my family, I joined Inclusion WA 12 months ago and soon after was introduced to David, a Lifestyle Facilitator.  With David’s help I have been able to take part in a number of activities to help me reach my goals. 

Together we started my journey into the World Wide Web.  David showed me how to turn on my new laptop, how to get online and talked to me about all the things the laptop could do.  He has also helped me to connect to wifi, attach my laptop to a new printer and together we built a desk where they all live.

I also took part in a beginner’s computer course, to get an even better understanding about different computer programs and how they work.   It makes me happy to know that I can now skype, listen to some of my favourite music and look up all sorts of good things on the internet.

David also helped me to enrol into the Paachaka Sugati 1 – Cooking for Health and Wellness Course where I learnt how to cook Indian food.  Each week for 12 weeks I was able cook new dishes and learn how to work with different spices as well as getting to know many interesting people.

Once the course finished, everyone graduated by cooking a dish for their families and the teaching staff.  This took place at the Annalakshmi Restaurant.  Each of us who took part were connected to a microphone so that we could talk about the dish how we were cooking it.  I made Cabbage Lemak Curry.

There will be another cooking course held next year and I am very much looking forward to taking part.  There will also be another computer course that will see me expand those skills also.

Over the past year I have also learned many other useful skills including basic car maintenance so that I can take care of the car I inherited from my father.  I want to be able to drive more and when the car is more reliable, I will drive further distances.

My year with Inclusion has been great for me.  I look forward to more doors opening.

A note from David, who works with Ian. 

When I first met Ian he was a little reserved but had some interesting goals to pursue.  In just a short time, his confidence has grown and he has achieved many great things.  More importantly, Ian has really connected with others. 

Ian and I have worked together to address simple things like his personal security, using public transport and improvements to his personal administration by introducing a diary and easy filing system.  We have also attended to general maintenance around the house, gardening and car maintenance. 

Ian’s commitment to completing his goals has been amazing.  He never shies away from a task and what started as a bit of a tidy up around the home is leading to some renovations.

Ian has great family support which only adds to his enthusiasm and success.  It is a pleasure working with him.