Positive Relationships Service

Our Positive Relationships Service is committed to supporting people of all abilities to access information, resources and support around sexuality and relationships, and enabling everyone to have healthy and fulfilling relationships.

What do we do?

  • Individualised Support
  • Workshops for individuals, parents, families and carers
  • Professional Development Training

Individualised Support

We support people of all ages living with a disability or mental illness. This support can be funded privately or through your National Disability Insurance Scheme Plan.

We provide one-on-one individualised support, assistance in accessing information and resources about sexuality, sexual health, and relationships. We can support you to develop your skills, confidence and understanding, and build your capacity to experience positive relationships.

Workshops for individuals, parents, families and carers

We host light-touch educational workshops for people with disability and their families or supporters on a range of topics and aim to provide an interactive and supportive learning environment.

Professional Development Training

We provide training for support staff, schools and other service providers so they can better support you around a range of sexuality, sexual health and relationship issues.

We believe in working in a flexible and responsive way and can work in partnership with you to tailor your support to assist you to achieve your goals.

If you have any queries about our Positive Relationships Service feel free to contact us on 9417 9626 or email positiverelationships@inclusionwa.org.au