Covid-19 Health Emergency

The Australian Government has declared a public health emergency in relation to the Coronavirus (also referred to as Covid-19). Inclusion WA are taking this situation seriously and we have established an Incident Management Team to help coordinate our response.

Our top priority at this time is to safeguard the health and safety of the people we support and our staff whilst also doing our bit to slow the spread of the virus in our community. We are also taking steps to ensure we will do all we can to help prepare clients and families for this health crisis.

What we are doing;

  • We have increased our infection control measures. Our staff have been provided with the most up to date hygiene and social distancing advice and we have given them the opportunity to do infection control training. We will also increase these measures when appropriate.
  • To reduce the risk for clients and staff we are limiting the contact our staff have with each other. From Tuesday our staff are working from home and cancelling face-to-face meetings with each other.
  • We are going digital – Our staff will be meeting with some clients and each other via phone and video (when appropriate)
  • Our current clients are our priority so we are not going to start working with any new clients.
  • Most importantly, we are supporting our clients to understand the Coronavirus, plan for self-isolation and tell us how we can be most useful to them at this time.

Inclusion WA staff will be using a planning tool to help the people and families we support access information and think about the different support they may need in different situations. We want to be as useful as possible during this time by being creative and flexible with our support.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.