Local Government

Local Government

We have worked with Local Government Authorities on a range of projects with a strong focus on community inclusion.

We work with the local government and their affiliate groups and sports clubs to develop sustainable programs/projects that provide opportunities for more people to be included in their local community.

Our approach focuses on building on the assets and opportunities pre-existing in the community; connecting with others and sharing resources.

Most recently, we have worked with the City of Bayswater, to carry out their Count Me In project.

The aim of this project was to improve the quality of life for people with disability by facilitating participation in mainstream community groups and clubs.

To achieve this outcome, Inclusion WA and the City of Bayswater facilitated six ‘Have a Go Day’ events. The events brought together a range of local clubs and community groups to showcase the participation opportunities available in and around the City.

Inclusion WA carried out mentoring with over 55 local clubs and community groups involved in the Have a Go Days to develop their knowledge and understanding of inclusion, assess how inclusive the club was currently and put in place a plan to further develop these practices.

Inclusion WA also worked with City of Bayswater staff to develop knowledge and understanding of inclusion in the community and to pass on the skills and expertise required to continue facilitating Have a Go Day events into the future.
Focusing on building the capacity of City of Bayswater staff, as well as the community has ensured the project will have a long-term effect in the City to improve knowledge, awareness and practices relating to inclusion.

Since 2012, across the six open days, the City of Bayswater Count Me In Project has been able to reach over 3,000 people and 55 different clubs and community groups. The project has been able to significantly raise the profile of social inclusion within the City of Bayswater both through the Have a Go Days, as well as the ongoing relationship building with schools, recreation centres and service providers, making the City of Bayswater a more inclusive and welcoming community for all local residents.