Community Development

Community Groups

Inclusion WA is always keen to explore potential partnerships with community service organisations that share a common interest of including people from all backgrounds and abilities into community life.

Many community groups have the intent of helping the community and being inclusive. For some, the largest barrier is not knowing where to actually start or who to approach, while others have more specific issues that require addressing. Inclusion WA provides a comprehensive service that enables groups to open their doors to a wider audience and in doing so, reap the many benefits of being recognised as a truly inclusive group.

"By working in partnership with Inclusion WA, we have been able to combine our knowledge and skills to create a fantastic program that allows everyone in the community to participate in all activities. This has ultimately meant that no one has to recreate the wheel and our collective resources have been effectively utilised."Sharyn Sturzycker – Yandina

For more information on how to be an inclusive group, you can download our factsheet here. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call if you're looking for some advice on a particular situation.