Social Clubs Update

Social Clubs Update

There have recently been some changes to Inclusion WA’s Social Clubs. The biggest being that The Meeting Place is now being run by its members, with the assistance of Inclusion WA. There are a few changes that come with this, but the club and its members will now have more autonomy and the opportunity to make decisions for the club themselves.


There is also a new Social Clubs Coordinator, Poppin Sanderson-Green. Poppin has been with Inclusion WA as a Rec Officer, Community Inclusion Facilitator, Social Clubs Facilitator and Sports & Community Development Officer and can now add the Coordinator role to her extensive list of titles.


Poppin will continue the great work that Charlie had been doing in supporting the evolution of the Meeting Place to become a standalone entity; which is run by and for its members. She will also take on the Coordination of the Subi Club which currently runs every Sunday.


The Social Clubs are welcoming new members and would love to hear from you, if you or someone you know is interested in joining. Please visit our Social Clubs Page where you can find a membership application, or email to enquire further.

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