Paul's Story

Paul's Story

The first thing that struck me about Paul was how confident, intelligent and personable he really is. He is recognised as a well-known identity in his local area, who always greets and chats with shopping centre staff, however often spoke of feeling socially isolated and with nothing really to look forward to in his life. Even though Paul made effort to contribute to his local community, he had no real meaningful way of connecting with like-minded people.

Paul researched many different activities, looking for that one needle in the hay stack that fit his ideal lifestyle perfectly. From this, one particular event that caught his interest was $10 Friday night dinners at Dalmatinac Club, as it appealed to his social nature. Paul was extremely nervous on his first visit, but soon relaxed after experiencing how warmly welcomed club patrons made him feel. Paul told me that he had never experienced an inclusive environment like it before, which was not only pleasing to hear, but also set the stage for future dinners to come.

Spearwood Bowling Club also offered interested people the opportunity of learning how to play lawn bowls however, Paul believed that it was more a game for "old people". He agreed to give it a go anyway, and with the president of the club coaching him through his first practice session, sparked somethging inside of Paul. Suffice to say, Paul was hooked with game of lawn bowls from that day on.

Long story short, Paul is now a full member of Spearwood Club competing in the mid-week pennants tournament against other metropolitan clubs. He is a dedicated bowler who practices at least three times a week, continually striving to improve his skills. The president of the club described Paul’s recent debut performance by saying, “He played very well and was a real asset to the team”.

Paul now also attends Friday night dinners at Dalmatinac Club regularly, happy to catch up with familiar faces, but also confident enough to engage with new faces as well. Paul is genuinely liked and accepted by the people at the club, often invited by different groups to join their table for dinner.

Paul is now fully independent with his chosen activities and is happier than ever. We couldn't be more proud of his efforts to find, make and continue strong bonds in his community.

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