Managing the North and South Services

Managing the North and South Services

Inclusion WA is an exciting place to work. It is also the kind of organisation that will always look to our own staff for leadership. In a growing company, it’s important to have a continuously evolving team, to which the following two staff members – who have recently stepped into new positions – can certainly attest.



Hi there, I’m Kristy Macnamara or, as I have been nicknamed by my colleagues, K-Mac for short. I have been working with Inclusion WA for over seven years now. I started as a Mentor and then became a Coordinator. Now my role at Inclusion WA is Individualised Services Manager for the Northern Suburbs. The role is a newly created one due to the growth that the company has seen over the last two years.

The new role is closely linked with my former position but has some added areas of responsibility. The key ingredients to the role are building strong, positive relationships with people and assisting people and their families in understanding the endless possibilities that are available in the community, including the valued roles that they can undertake. It’s about being a positive role model and mentor to others, both within the organisation and to the broader community.

The biggest element of the role is planning for the future of our Individualised Services, ensuring that our service design continues to give full control of supports and services to people and their families. An added challenge is ensuring that the service remains sustainable into the future, despite changes that the sector is undergoing.

The best things about working for Inclusion WA is being able to take all types of experiences from my personal life and previous job roles and apply them to my current role. I get to meet all types of awesome people and I get to be involved in employing fantastic Mentors and Facilitators to assist others to reach their potential!



Hey everybody, my name is Jess Kain and, like Kristy, I am an Individualised Services Manager. I have been working with Inclusion WA for almost five years and I have worn many hats within the organisation in that time. When I first came on board we had just launched our Youth Connect Program. My first role was in a Mentor position within the program, supporting teenage clients who came into the service and who wanted to make better connections to their local community. From the mentor role I moved into the Coordinator role for the Youth Connect Program and Recreation Access Program, then into the Individualised Services Coordinator role. I am now the Individualised Services Manager for the Southern Suburbs.

Before working at Inclusion WA I had many different roles that revolved around my main passions: art and working alongside young people. I worked in a boarding school, managed art and education stores and worked with teenagers for the Starlight Foundation at Princess Margaret Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. My studies also reflect these interests: I’ve studied art, design and fashion design along with being a qualified Secondary Teacher and Youth Worker.

My time working for Inclusion WA has been a brilliant experience. We have so many inspiring people here from all walks of life with such different, interesting personalities. Most of all, I love the shared values we all have; the people I get to work with are very passionate and knowledgeable about equality, social justice and human rights. We implore all of our staff to genuinely be themselves. Nobody is expected to ‘fit’ a certain mould and thinking outside of the box is encouraged. 

Overall as an organisation, Inclusion WA is an awesome place to work. It inspires not only the clients to be the best versions of themselves, but the staff too. 

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