Ken's Story

Ken's Story

Who are you? I am Ken, I live in East Vic Park.

What do you like to do? I go to stamp club and camera club. I also like to attend dinners hosted by Befriend. I love my coffee and tea.

What do you work on with your Mentor? My Mentor Rachel helps me to organise my social activities. We have also looked into my Dad’s service in the war and I have started spending more time with my family. Recently I have started hosting my own Meet Up group.

Tell us about your meet up group? I host a coffee-and-chat Meet Up group. We meet once a month at Brewed Coffee House, which is one of my favourite cafes. Lots of people come – seven people came to the last one! I like keeping busy and meeting new people. Here is a link for anyone interested in my event, we meet on the last Thursday of every month;

How did you get involved in this? I had been to some Befriend events and enjoyed them but there weren’t many events in East Vic Park so I decided to host my own. I did some training with Befriend to become a volunteer and then I got started. Ian and Jodie, the café owners, were really helpful as well. At the start, Rachel came to the coffee group but now I host it on my own.

What is your favourite thing about hosting your coffee group? The coffee!!

What next? What is your next goal? Just keep busy. I’d get bored if I sat around home all day!

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