Fairground 2014 - From a participants perspective

Fairground 2014 - From a participants perspective

By Genevieve Weston. 

On Friday the 10th of July, myself, and fourteen others attended a conference, which helped to raise awareness of young people with a disability. We were split into groups, which focused on different points to do with youth and disability and had seven meetings to plan for the conference, some of us were even interviewed and featured in the West Australian (newspaper).

The Focus points for the three groups were; the disability experience, what if you had a disability, and the disability rights. The Project was initially called get involved and inclusion WA and YACWA sought the interest of young people with a disability to come together and talk about their experiences and plan the workshop.

After deciding on the general content we voted on a title: In our shoes: Changing attitudes towards disability. In our section, the disability experience, we spoke about some appropriate language and etiquette, communication and we also had the opportunity to share our own experience.

Overall the conference was a huge success and about 30 people came and listened. To me the workshop was important because it gave me the opportunity to voice my opinion to the wider community and public and I also had the chance to listen to others experiences and opinions.

I found it very interesting meeting other youth with a disability, they, alone, taught me so much. For me, it was a very rewarding experience, which taught me so many things about disability, which I do not think I could have learnt any other way and I will remember for the rest of my life. Huge thanks to Jess Kain from Inclusion WA and her colleagues who facilitated the conference and brought it all together.

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