Eastern Hub Update: Nov 2017

Eastern Hub Update: Nov 2017

In August 2017, Inclusion WA opened a new hub to provide more localised support for people living in Perth eastern suburbs.

In having a physical space in the local area we are in a much better position to provide more tailored support for people we work alongside; whilst also providing more opportunities for staff working in the area to know each other.

This is best described by one of our mentors “The Midland office has been pretty invaluable for me. It means I have a space to go between clients where I can be productive, working on case notes, sending emails and researching for future session.
Going forward, as more and more mentors use the office, it will provide precious peer-to-peer contact and informal support that is so important to the quality of our work and our wellbeing as mentors!.”

Since opening our doors in August, we have increased the number of people we are working alongside from 29 to 48. This increase is due to the fantastic work our mentors have been doing alongside our existing clients; which has generated a lot more work for us through word of mouth. We are extremely fortunate to have such fantastic staff who continually strive to provide the best possible service for people. This amazing group of staff have grown from 7 - 15 since we opened our doors and will continue to expand in the coming months.

The next phase of growth for the hub will see plenty of exciting opportunities for both new and existing staff. We intend to continue expanding the number of people we work alongside as well as continue our relationship alongside the Mental Health Commission and a number of private psychiatric hostels within Western Australia.

We look forward to providing you with more information over the coming months. However if you have any questions about the Eastern hub or future opportunities then please get in touch with either Claire Curr or myself.

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