Colin's Story

Colin's Story

Meet Colin, a young man who loves a laugh, sports, and anything with an engine and wheels. Colin is an accomplished swimmer, set to compete in the Special Olympics this month. He trains every morning at the crack of dawn, and often twice a day. He plays just as hard as he works though - always on the lookout for an opportunity to play a prank on an unsuspecting victim!

Colin's true passion, however, is motor vehicles. He loves cars, motorcycles, speedboats, drag cars, rally cars; the list goes on and on! He's always wanted to find employment in the car industry to mix his passion with work. Unfortunately, Col has struggled to find a truly welcoming and inclusive workplace, but he never let it affect his enthusiasm or smile.

Colin's determination paid off recently when he secured work experience at a wreckers specialising in Holden Commodores. Col was in his element and after a short period of work experience, he moved into a paid position and is now receiving regular paychecks! The staff at the wreckers are all patient, fun loving, and genuinely see Colin's value. I could try to explain how thrilled he is, but as they say, a picture worth a thousand words!

Nathan - Mentor 

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