Carving a Valued Role - Ian's Story

Carving a Valued Role - Ian's Story

Ramona shares about working alongside Ian to find a valued role for him within his local community. It’s a great example of how using an asset-based approach and building on organic connections can lead to great opportunities for people.  

Ian enjoys new endeavours and amongst other recreational activities, likes to engage in snooker, ten pin bowling, rock climbing and squash. His interest in squash has led to a volunteer position at Squashworld Mirrabooka. After being a patron for some time, constantly engaging in conversation with the staff and becoming familiar to them, with the help of his Mentors, Ian now volunteers twice a week.

His duties include sweeping the squash courts, re-stocking the drinks fridge and Ian is responsible for locking up the squash equipment. Ian loves interacting with the patrons and having a yarn. The role is varied and most importantly, he enjoys what he does. It is very important to Ian’s self-worth that he contributes to the community and he expressed early on that he would like to engage in volunteer work. Ian has achieved this and now has set his sights on paid work. He was clear that he “didn’t want to sit at home” but rather wanted to make a real contribution. Through his volunteer position, Ian now has a valued role and a greater sense of purpose in his week and life in general. He continues to shoot for the stars and work towards his goals and is now considering working towards his RSA so he can work behind the bar at Squashworld events and help out on days when they have sausage sizzles.

Ian’s skill set continues to grow with his increasing repertoire of jobs. He continues to try new recreational activities enabling him to lead a balanced life and is also keen to take up ice-skating lessons and have a go at sky diving.

The sky’s the limit for Ian, and he is a wonderful example that there are no barriers - just challenges to overcome!

Thank you Ian and Ramona for sharing this story.

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