Age is no barrier

Age is no barrier

My name is Edna and I am a 67 year old retiree. I have been working casually with Inclusion WA for the last year using my experience in the area of cooking.

I had been working in the disability sector for 14 years before retiring. When this opportunity came up to work with Inclusion WA each week, it was an opportunity that I could not forgo. I work alongside a lovely young lady to assist her with cooking independently in her own home; it sometimes feels more like a social outing than a paying job!

My role sees me attending the young lady's house for three and a half hours each week preparing meals that are suited to her dietary requirements. Each week we cook up a storm in the kitchen in an aim to prepare a meal for her family. She will choose the recipe that she wants to prepare earlier in the week and is then assisted the day prior to purchase the necessary ingredients.

Due to her dietary requirements she is very limited with which ingredients she can use to cook with. Despite this, in the past year I have noticed a huge improvement with her skills and her ability to prepare and eat meals she never tried before. She loves trying new things and always looks forward to our sessions (except for the cleaning up part).

It is such an amazing experience working in my role and on an organisational level I have found everyone to be very helpful. I have learnt a lot from my experience with Inclusion WA and have found it to be a pleasurable experience working in with my lifestyle.


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