ActiveSmart - Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

ActiveSmart - Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

This year, one in five Australian adults will experience mental illness.  Many associate the stigma attached to mental illness as, or more debilitating than the illness itself. 

The aim of ActiveSmart is to increase sport and recreation opportunities for individuals who have a lived experience of mental illness, focusing on the importance of physical activity and community inclusion to the recovery process.  The parallel aim of this program is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, and break down some of the associated barriers.

In order to do this, we intend on engaging several sectors of the community. Mental health service providers, local recreation and sport clubs, and members of local councils will participate in training programs to help increase their capacity to engage more members of the community, including individuals who have experienced mental illness. This training will be followed by ongoing support and mentorship from the ActiveSmart staff to create ongoing sustainable connections between individuals who have experienced mental illness, and the activities they choose to be a part of.

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