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Work for us

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Not just your average job.

In 2012, I joined Inclusion WA as a 19 year old University student. After spending time coaching kids’ sports and tutoring high school students I applied for the position as a Youth Development Officer through Inclusion WA and was fortunate to be offered the position. Three years on in my role, I am in my final year of study and have been supported and encouraged by Inclusion WA all the way. Work here is flexible, fun, interesting, and I feel lucky to have experienced some unique opportunities.

My main role at Inclusion WA is to assist individuals to achieve their personal goals. I have fun finding unique ways to help people achieve their goals, and it is a different experience from one individual to another. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to assist a young guy to start a Lego club at a local library, assist another to volunteer at the WA museum and work with a young talented artist to help him put on his first art exhibition. I often enjoy whatever we’re doing just as much as the person I am working with.

In my time with Inclusion I have also had the opportunity to get involved with a number of other youth related projects. Some of these projects include; a consultation for the Commissioner of Children and Young People and assisting young people to start a Youth Disability Advocacy Committee. My role has also allowed me to attend the National Youth Health Conference and get involved with the WA peak body for young people, YACWA.

I am a university student working in a flexible, professional environment where I am doing something unique and different every day. I can come to work one day and be working with a young guy to assist in learning to use public transport, the next day I’ll be out at an art gallery looking at spaces with a guy whose drawings have been hung in the US Consulate. At the same time I could be back in the office with colleagues, each of whom are so different, but so supportive and fun, working on a project with young people advocating for their right to be included. It’s an exciting place to be.

My role at Inclusion WA is not what I imagined “support work” to be and while it’s certainly not your typical University job, I’m so glad it’s been mine!