Our History, Vision and Mission

Our History, Vision and Mission


Recreation Network began life as a demonstration project in August 1983. The project aimed to learn more about how people with disabilities who were feeling isolated could become more involved in their community.

In its evaluation, the project identified:

  • Information on community recreation activities need to reach people with disabilities
  • People with disabilities should be involved in planning
  • The individual has a right to choose recreation participation
  • Assistance should be given to community recreation groups to allow them to involve people with disabilities in their activities
  • Agencies should give a higher priority to recreation

As a result of this evaluation and the view that the community had much to offer people with disabilities (but also that people with disabilities had much to offer the community) the demonstration project became more formal, and in 1989 Recreation Network became an incorporated association.

Over the next twenty years, Recreation Network became Recreation and Sport Network WA and worked with people with disabilities and the community, to be the ‘bridge’ that connected people with disabilities with sport and recreation.

In 2010, upon commemorating 21 years of empowering people with disabilities to become actively involved in their community, the organisation was renamed Inclusion WA, to better reflect the commitment to social inclusion and the desire to work with other groups who are socially isolated and would benefit from inclusion expertise. 


All people have the opportunity to live a good life and participate in a welcoming community.


To support people at risk of social exclusion to live a good life of their choosing.