We have collated a range of resources that are useful for individuals, groups or families, who want to find out more about social inclusion. 

Resource Name Category Date Type  
Personal Recovery Services 24/10/2016 PDF
All Abilities Play Space

26/4/2016 Video
Behind Closed Doors- Preventing Violence, Neglect and Abuse against West Australians with Disability Reports/Studies 27/8/2015 PDF
CoMHWA - Supports mental health reform & recovery of people with lived experience of mental health issues Website 16/12/2014 Link
Sticks and Stones - The Effects of Labelling

Youtube Video 10/12/2014 Video
Clueless - A Poem about seeing people's gifts and talents

Youtube Video 3/11/2014 Video
20 Years 20 Stories

Youtube Video 20/8/2014 Video
People with Disabilities Western Australia Website 3/7/2014 Link
Inclusion Press Website 3/7/2014 Link